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The reliability of God's Word is under fire. Man distrusts the Bible as an authoritative source of scientific information. This class compares up-to-date scientific data with the infallible Word of God. The book used in this class was written by Henry M. Morris who was widely recognized as the founder of the modern creation science movement. He lectured and wrote extensively in defense of a literal interpretation of the Bible's first book, Genesis--particularly the first 11 chapters that describe the creation of the world and all living things, the great Flood of Noah's age, and the human dispersion at Babel.

*Patriot Bible University Transferable Class!

Science And The Bible

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  • Work at your own pace.

    *Included in each class is:

    Book, workbook, video lessons and quizzes.

    High School students may enroll, too.

    If you live in So Cal or the Knoxville area of Tennessee, and have at least six students, we may come to you and teach our classes!