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Ever felt lonely, discouraged and worried about the chaos going on in the world today? How do you cope with all of these pressures and so many more in life?

This class deals with tangible ways to face these areas and get biblical answers, real answers. Answers that work permanently. 

Area covered are: Fear, Discouragement, Loneliness, Worry, Guilt, Temptation, Anger, Resentment, Doubts, Procrastination, Failure and Jealousy.

You can win the battle and live victoriously!


*Patriot Bible University Transferable Class!

**"This was one of my favorite classes!"

Slaying The Giants Of Life

SKU: 21554345656


      Work at your own pace.

      *Included in each class is:

      Book, workbook, video lessons and quizzes.

      High School students may enroll, too.

      If you live in So Cal or the Knoxville area of Tennessee, and have at least six students, we may come to you and teach our classes!